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Join us to oppose Beagle breeders in our campaign to end animal experiments and to progress valid human based medical research.

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ONLINE PETITION Sign and share. Current signatures so far 21,440. Don't forget to share with your friends and family on Facebook,Twitter or any social media you use.

WHO SUPPORTS OUR NEW PETITION? Our petition is supported by people who care about animals, by patients, doctors and scientists who recognise that animal experiments fail humans too. The petition being promoted by the leading National Theatre actor Peter Egan as well as human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. This petition supports the parliament campaign and MP's who are signing EDM 400 calling for public scientific debates.


Talking Helps

Our campaign is evidenced by world leading scientists. The more people who want to see animal experiments stop and modern medical research methods advance there by saving lives - the more power we have to make this happen.



Your support will help to keep campaign ads running, increase our lobbying power to change out-dated 70 year old laws so we can stop animal experiments.


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18TH JULY 2015

Please sign this latest petition! Over 530,000 signatures so far! Let's keep going!


Petition: Animal Experimenters- JUSTIFY YOUR SCIENCE CLAIMS

Petition: Rt Hon David Cameron: Reverse the government's decision to give the go ahead for a puppy farm in Hull

18TH SEP 2016

Parliamentary EDM 400. Ask your MP to support by signing the call for a public science debate which will have judges. Just enter your post code.

PLEASE SEND YOUR REPLY FROM YOUR MP so we can advise you further to info@forlifeonearth.org.uk

Parliamentary Action EDM 400: Ask you MP to sign and support a science debate


Read all about human-based research and how animal-based research is not supported by the leading experts.